Children’s Portraits in the Bluebonnets

Since I moved to Texas in 2005 I have not made the trip with my children to Brenham, Texas to see the beautiful bluebonnet and wildflower fields.  I decided this year was going to be our year so I dressed the kids up in their easter outfits and loaded them up for the long trip.  Joining us on the journey were my adorable niece and nephew.  I was so excited to finally get some great shots of my kids in the bluebonnets!  So we start driving and just when we should be starting to see fields of lush beautiful flowers we see nothing!  My heart sinks as I begin to realize that I had waited a couple of weeks too long.  Darn.  My kids were getting frustrated and disappointed at the lackage in pretty flowers.  We were just about to turn around and call it quits til next year when my sister in law spotted a small patch off the side of the road and hidden almost from view.  YES!  By this point the kids were so fried we were lucky to get these shots.

Lincoln had been the best sport  the whole time, until  the picture below.  “No more pictures Aunt Liz!”

My nephew is incredibly protective of his little sister.  When I asked my sister in law how she taught him this she just said he was born that way.  Too cute!!

Children’s Portraits are a very touchy subject, you want happy, smiling, kids but sometimes things don’t always work out as planned.  A good tip for any mom getting her kidos ready for their portraits is to not get them dressed until we are ready to shot.  This keeps the kids from messing up their cute clothes :) .  Also I usually bring along bribery of some sort.  This time we brought along jelly beans, which while they were yummy for the kids they were a colorful drooling mess!! Note to self…jellybeans+pictures=messy, gooey, faces.  Although it did make for this cute pic below.

My youngest Emma had had enough of the whole ordeal.  To show her disdain for my picture taking she ripped up a bluebonnet and threw it at me…what an angel ;)

Timeless Photography captures children’s portraits on location of your choice (we have plenty of suggestions if you don’t have anywhere in mind).  Our session fee includes two hours of photography for an unlimted number of persons.  We are very flexible and we allow plenty of time for outfit changes, short snack breaks, quick location changes, as long as time permits, whatever it takes to keeps your children happy and comfortable.  We know kids and our sessions allow for a welcoming setting where they are free to be themselves while we capture their own unique personality.

Would you like Timeless Photography to capture your children’s portraits?

Call 281.755.2335  or email to set up your session.

We look forward to being a part of your timeless memories.

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